9 Books To Read This Summer

Summer Reading

Who else is looking forward to doing some relaxing and reading this summer? Well, I am, and I have got together a list of books that I’m hoping to read:

Summer Reading

1. Me Before You
Jojo Moyes

This love story introduces Lou Clark to the world! I have seen the film with the wonderful Emilia Clarke and I fell in love with it. It’s a lovely story about a woman who goes to care for a quadriplegic, Will Traynor, it’s sad but lovely too!

2. Bookworm
Lucy Mangan

You’re always told not to judge a book by its cover but I loved this cover and I read the introduction and just had to buy it! Lucy writes about all the books she fell in love with as a child (and some she really didn’t like), I’ve read a couple of chapters and it’s like talking to an old friend about Enid Blyton and Babar (which I actually liked by the way – for one the daughter is called Isabelle) and all those other children’s books you read and loved.

3. The Storm Sister
Lucinda Riley

I read the first book in this series and loved it! It was a romantic story (can you see a trend starting with my book choices?!) with two parts – one the present, and the other set in the past. Each book in the series focuses on a different sister and as I enjoyed the first story I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in this one, and hopefully getting the answers to some questions I had!

4. The Lost Continent
Bill Bryson

I haven’t read any Bill Bryson’s before but I have heard that his books are interesting and funny! I was drawn to this book because I would love to go to America and travel around a bit, I’ve read Kerouac so now to see what Bryson says about his homeland!

5. How To Stop Time
Matt Haig

I have heard people raving about Matt Haig and I read the blurb and I was sold – a man who has lived for centuries goes back to his ho
me in London, becomes fascinated by a French teacher (in a sweet, romantic kind of way) and has to decide if he’s going to start living in the present and break the rules he made for himself.  By the way, I found out Benedict Cumberbatch bought the film rights to this book – how exciting is that?!

6. The Idiot
Elif Batuman

Having just finished my first year at uni, I am ready to read about someone else making mistakes and living life at university. Also, any book called ‘The Idiot’ about someone at university is going to be good (and funny).

7. The Robber Bride
Margaret Atwood

I couldnt’ have a summer reading list without one Atwood novel. I always find them quite difficult reads in many respects but when I finish I am bowled over by how good they are. This book is mysterious – an old university classmate who everyone thought was dead reappears…and opens up old scars.

8. Why Not Me?
Mindy Kaling

I love Mindy Kaling! I read her first book (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?) and I loved the fact that she was so honest and funny! I’m looking forward to some more funny, light reading from the mind that brought us ‘The Mindy Project’!

My goal in life is to be as self-confident as Mindy’s character in ‘The Mindy Project’

9. Room With A View
E.M. Forster

I have been meaning to read this book for ages and I am going to read it this summer! I want to get lost in a book about Italy and love!

Do you have any books you’re planning to read this summer?

Have a wonderful week,


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