A Nice Cup Of Tea

Over the weekend I went to a really sweet little tea shop with one of my friend’s who I have known my whole life. Even though it had been a while since our last meeting, it was like there had been no time at all. Over a pot of tea (how very English) with a knitted tea cosy and some free birthday cake from the shop (it was turning 5) we had a chat. It got me thinking about all the reasons we Brits drink tea.

1. If there is a problem
It is exceptionally well documented that whenever any British person has an issue the first thing to do, whatever the situation, is to pop the kettle on. Then with a steaming brew, we can get down to sorting it out.

2. With an old friend
By this I don’t mean elderly friends, I mean friends who you have known for a long time, friends that you can ring up when you get the wrong train and friends who you can fill hours

in with. With these friends, a cup of tea and perhaps some cake, can keep you chatting forever.

3. With a new friend
In one of my first weeks I had some spare time in the morning and so decided to use it by going to get a cup of tea nearby. Someone I didn’t know very well at the time decided she would pop along with me and then, as she had less free time than me, leave. I think I’ve pretty much seen her everyday since.

4. With people we don’t know well
We all have relatives we don’t know what to say to. We all have to meet people we don’t really know anything about. But tea, is the conversation that joins us together. If you don’t like it, why? If you do like it, let’s both have a ‘cuppa’. With that in one hand to get rid of the awkward ‘what do I do with my hands’ and the ability to think over a question by taking a sip – tea is simply a brilliant thing.

5. Every rainbow of emotion
When you’re sad, make a cup of tea and the warmth and happy memories will make you feel better. When you’re happy, tea simply elevates that mood further. When you are anxious or worried, it seems to have a calming effect and even gives you something to do when you are not quite sure what to do.


There’s my top five reasons why Brits drink tea, what other situations do you drink tea? I would love to make a top ten list but I will need your help to come up with a few more.

Have a wonderful week,


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