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Princess of Cambridge leaves the Lindo Wing in London
A hearty congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who have welcomed today baby Charlotte Elizabeth Diana on the second of May. 
After getting over the slight disappointment that the baby wasn’t born on my birthday I was ready to celebrate.
Inline imageAs I’ve mentioned previously in my currently most read blog post about the royal family I love the royals and the second of May was truly a great day. So what does the name mean, and where did it come from?The name Charlotte means free man, it is elegant and royal and also the name of famous author Charlotte Brontë. In 2013 it was ranked number eleven in popularity and actually is French as opposed to English.
The name became particularly popular with Queen Charlotte Sophia, who was the wife of King George III. They had fifteen children and she was a patron of the arts with links to Mozart and Bach. The royal couple ruled during both the French and American revolutions.
Princess Charlotte, wife of Frederick of Württemberg, was a Princess royal of the United Kingdom of the House of Hanover, the House of Queen Victoria who married into the Württemberg family .Though more plain than her younger sister Augusta, she was clever and was able to recall details extraordinarily well.

Princess Charlotte’s middle names, are both easy to see connections, Elizabeth a nod to two great rulers Elizabeth the 1st and 2nd, and Diana a link with her Grandmother who is no longer with us but who would have loved her immensely.

So George has a little sister who has made headlines just like him. I bet you didn’t know that not only did George cause sell-outs of clothes he was dressed in such as this adorable Cath Kidston tank-top but he also boosted our economy by £247 million and earned us over £300 million. This is divided into souvenirs, books, DVDs and media – with £80 million just from the first few days. It is expected that the new little one will do the same and around £25 million will be spent by people in the first few weeks of herlife on souvenirs adding to a great total of £300 million which this royal baby is expected to earn for us. So to those people who think of this old-age establishment as pointless – I say if nothing else look at statistics.

For all those other people who are as thrilled as me simply because history has been made and because I am there to see it and to enjoy some good joyous news. It is not often we remember history but the monarchy reminds us of how as we live and breath we make history so that in hundreds of years time people will look back and realise that though they have moved on as we have moved on from the the Victorians and the Tudors but that some elements have and always will be, the same.
Have a wonderful week,
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