An Interview With Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich began her career as a New York novelist by writing contemporary novels under the pseudonym Steffie Hall.

Her most popular books have definitely been the Stephanie Plum novels, where the protagonist Stephanie formerly a lingerie salesman becomes a rather clumsy bounty hunter with an aptitude for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or perhaps the right place depending on how you look at it! Janet decided to write one character which all the other characters revolve around, a more TV sitcom based idea.

Recently I dropped a note to Janet Evanovich, the New York Times bestseller asking her a few questions about writing, about Stephanie Plum and about what keeps her going. 

The first question is something that is very important whatever genre you’re writing for:

1.Was it difficult to make the story amusing, whilst still keeping it gripping?

It’s always tough to maintain that balance.  The serious part of the story has to move forward at a fast pace.  The trick is in finding the right moments into which to inject humor.  That’s why it’s really important to read and re-read what I’ve written so that it all flows correctly.

One of the most important thing is the characters you write about and this can sometimes be very difficult
2.Which character did you find most difficult to write?
With each book, I guess the most difficult would be the villains and some of the other characters who make only a single appearance.  I have written my regular characters for so long, I pretty much know how they’ll react to any given situation.
3.Did that affect their storyline/ their dialogue?
I organize a plot first and with that comes my antagonist.  The next step is to make sure I understand what makes that character tick.  Once I’ve fleshed out that character, I’ve got pretty good idea of how he or she will speak and act.

4.Would you say that Stephanie was  based on you?
I think that Stephanie and I share a few characteristics.  We are both klutzes.   We both love fast food and birthday cake.  The only difference is that she’s much younger and can eat all that stuff.  That’s no longer a luxury I can afford.
5.Has asking the readers to come up with new titles made you feel closer to your readership?
It did, for as long as it lasted.  When I switched publishers after Smokin’ Seventeen, the new publisher took over the job of coming up with the titles.  Nowadays, my connection with the readers is through social media and my website.
6.To aspiring writers out there, what keeps you going?
I’m so lucky to love what I do.  That’s what keeps me going.

It is often difficult to keep going through the process of writing, editing and everything in between and it is important to remember everyone who has become famous, everyone who has had a bestseller book has gone through it all. All people find things to do with writing difficult even if they are famous. I would definitely recommend the Stephanie Plum books, they are humorous, exciting and a great twist on classic mystery stories. I was exceptionally thrilled to get such excellent replies by Janet and hope that you enjoy reading her books.
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