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Isabelle Harlow Carr

Towards the end of July, my life was getting a little bit busy. Between working at a bar in the evenings, doing an internship during the day, and relaunching the blog it is safe to say I was burning the candle at both ends and getting pretty exhausted! So, I was SOOO excited when holiday time rolled around. That’s why this week my word if I had to pick one, would be ‘relax’!

First off (and as you may know if you follow my Instagram Isabelle_Wordshaker) I was on a train (well three) armed with Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood, a determination to actually read it, a heavy (really heavy, I always overpack) bag and I was off to Suffolk! A quick turnaround, a look at some makeup (you can never, in my opinion, have enough) and I was repacking my bag because the next day I was off up North back to my university city, and the city of my grandparents – Newcastle!

OK – so far it doesn’t sound too relaxing, and the 5:45 alarm the next morning so we could get in the car early to miss the traffic certainly wasn’t too relaxing! But, with some tunes on (only Carole King because that turned out to be the ONLY CD in my Mum’s car) the journey went quite smoothly and soon we were in Newcastle drinking tea and relaxing.

The rest of my time in Newcastle was a breeze – coffee with poached eggs in Fenwick (yum!), seeing the room I’ll be living in for the next year (exciting – and as a side-note if you have any interior designy tips for me let me know), and also spending time with some family I haven’t seen in a while.

It was really lovely, and after a few days, we headed back down East, back to Suffolk where I just relaxed. We had a beautiful meal at The Northgate (full review coming soon!), I did some (with a lot of direction because I am not the most artistic person) printing, and just simply did …nothing.

The Northgate
The beautiful Northgate

Well, that was my week, and now I’m going to head to my bookshelf to pick a new book, and sit down for a while and just read and do a bit more relaxing before work begins again next week!

Have a wonderful week!



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  1. Sounds like a lovely family time with family in newcastle and Suffolk. i find the best time for me to read is when I’m travelling. Thank you for linking up with #pocolo

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