Boulders, balloons and a floating bath: Newcastle Galleries

When I was up in Newcastle I went to two art galleries – the Baltic and the Laing. I’m really hoping that next time I get up there (in a couple of weeks time – I know I really can’t stay away!) that I’ll get to go to the Biscuit Factory too (great art, no biscuits).


So what did I see? Well I’m not an art student, and I don’t know too much so it really is the layman’s view, but that’s all right! They both had very different exhibitions on so I really couldn’t say which was my favourite. In the Baltic they are running their 2017 Artist’s Award which was interesting. We all got a little counter (like the kind you find at supermarket’s) and got to vote. I have to tell you that we all voted for Jose Davila who did an unusual boulders and balloons display where the concept was defying gravity – it was wicked (sorry the pun just had to be said). It was unusual and when we watched the short video explaining why he’d done what he’d done and how there was logic too it -hence why he got our vote.

Another thing I’d recommend taking a look at is the Baltic balcony where you can see right along the quayside (it’s like the Empire State Building equivalent of Newcastle, but not as busy on Valentine’s Day, or any day for that matter, and more seagulls).

The Laing was totally different. There was a gallery filled with paintings of foreign lands called ‘Wanderlust’ (a lot of Edward Lear) but the best bit was the virtual reality exhibition. If you’re in the area you have to go and see it, it is amazing! I’ve never experienced it before and it was something special! The exhibition is done by the Occasion Collective and it’s called Echoes and Outros. I saw a floating bath and a dripping light, the sky swirled and the floor disappeared. There were three different realities to see and we got there early so there was no waiting around for the two headsets (fab). The only downside I had thought would be the headsets smudging my not-to-badly done makeup – luckily it didn’t!

I’m probably going to be in Newcastle a lot more as of September and I hope to get round the galleries every so often, let me know if there are any exhibitions I should look out for. If you’re an artist I’d love to share your work on my blog, just get in touch (!

Have a wonderful week,


All photos my own except for the photo of Jose Davila’s art which is taken from the Baltic website (linked)


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