Cath Kidston: My Shop Crush

Who could not fall in love with the patterns? When I was up in Newcastle, visited the Cath Kidston store, and I fell in love with a range that took its inspiration from London.

I love the patterns and the homely feel that goes with them. Cath Kidston designs, I think, seem to tell a story, they belong to people who are happy and cheery and have their life in order.

What I particularly like about this new range is how they have taken the classic symbols of London and have made them their very own Kidston selves!

As well as fancying one of those nice cheery coffee mugs, I also would love one of their flower print bags which unlike many are waterproof and large enough to carry a decent amount – how can you go wrong?

I have to say that the design of the shop is perfect,  it fits their image of clothes and accessories which fit into your life perfectly, something that belongs at home, belongs where your heart is, and the lamps above the cashier brings this idea together.


What do you think? Do you have anything Cath Kidston, has it lasted well,

More importantly: have you enjoyed your coffees?

Have a wonderful week,

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