Classical Summer

There are so many books each year that I say I am going to read, namely the classics.
The classics are notoriously hard to define but as an English Literature student I feel I should really get going with them. They cover every theme under the sun, they influence the writers, the politicians, the way people think and speak, and therefore they are worth reading. I personally feel that in the age of tablets and TVs a lot of books get shoved to one side, so this summer holiday why not take the time to read a few books, perhaps even a classic too!

First I read: The Madwoman in the Attic by Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar
For literature students this is a fab introduction to feminist criticism (bear with it as there are many gems of information in it).
For anyone else, I think it is definitely worth having on the shelf. If you read say, Wuthering Heights and you want to know a bit about the literary side and techniques of it, to truly understand and get all you can from it, then you can dip into the book and read the section on it.

Other books I am planning to read are:
Go Set a Watchman (Harper Lee’s second novel – if you have not read To Kill a Mockingbird definitely read it first)
Wuthering Heights
Great Expectations (perhaps Oliver Twist too)
Jane Eyre
Anna Karenina
Some of the Canterbury Tales
Persuasion (hopefully some other Austen’s too)
Pilgrim’s Progress
The Picture of Dorian Grey

I will probably add to this list, and my reading of classics will extend well into the Autumn, but this is what I am starting from. I welcome anyone who wants to have a read of the Classics with me, and I welcome any comments which you can write below. Let me know what you liked/didn’t and also if there are any books you think I should add.

Have a wonderful week,
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