Culture Vulture: Harrods

Last week I visited London armed with an oyster card and a camera.
First we visited Harrods, we searched through the makeup – I got taught how to do eyeliner with a flick by a lovely MAC professional. We looked at the latest fashions of sleek design and intricate lace and needlework design.

We marvelled at the shoes which were in the properly named Shoe Heaven section. Sadly the price tags were a little out of my price range. My favourite concession store design was by Manolo Blahnik with a splash of colour and elegant decor fit for a princess.

We rode the Egyptian escalator and looked at the large range of handbags – a lot of Snakeskin. Then we came to confectionary.
Why do tea by halves when you can do it in a silver teapot and coloured teacups? We saw candied fruit and breaded hams and all types of sweets from strawberry bon bons to liquorice. The smell was incredible. If you want an eel they have it. If you want a lobster they have it. If you want a lego model of Harrods they have it (toy section was the stuff of dreams as well).
Have a wonderful week,
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