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After visiting Harrods I went to a number of other London shops.

I thought I would write about three of them: Fortnum and Masons, Liberty London and Waterstones.

Firstly Fortnum and Masons. This regal shop is known to be where the Queen Shops. Although smaller  than Harrods it still has an incredible range of items from flowers to fresh fruit and vegetables and vintage wine.

Each floor is dressed differently to attract a range of people, after perusing the expansive tea range I went to the intriguing makeup and beauty area. I saw an eyecicle which is shaped like a thermometer and is frozen and used to massage the eye area. Sadly the masseuse was out at the time. I also saw Foreo – Luna for sensitive skin which was winner of the Swedish Elle award 2014 which gently vibrates and exfoliates. Obviously I had a sneaky try.

Liberty London I think is the eccentric smaller sister of Harrods but just as beautiful. It is filled with the famous Liberty Print fabric and cloths and furniture and fabric. It has an incredible carved wooden staircase with a little turtle and frog carved into the banister. The range of buttons, ribbons and fabrics are incredible and beautiful.

Waterstones is celebrating the release of “Go Tell A Watchman” by Harper Lee and has a book for every occasion. Most towns now have a Waterstones or another good bookstore but you could get lost in the huge size and masses of bookshelves.

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The beautiful staircase at Fortnum and Masons
Food and more food at Fortnum and Masons
The Ritz in London
Liberty London – famous for fabric
Beautiful ribbons in Libertys
The gorgeous exterior of Liberty London

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