Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour


I went to see yet another film in my favourite cinema – the Tyneside cinema, and it was amazing, definitely worthy of winning all those awards. Just for reference it won two BAFTAs and two Academy Awards as well as multiple other awards.


I loved this film. There were three main things that I loved about it.

1. As an English literature student it was so interesting to see the power of language when used effectively. Churchill’s speeches were so powerful and emotive – no wonder he won a Nobel prize for Literature, definitely deserved.

2. It was so British – my favourite scene was the scene where Churchill got on a London Tube (for the first time ever I might add), and just had a conversation with the public. It was nice to see the power and bravery of the ordinary person. This film made me proud to be British.

3. Darkest Hour was interesting from a history perspective. I, like almost everyone else who has been through the British education system, studied WWII, but I always pictured Churchill as having a lot of political and public support and everything going smoothly for him. I loved the fact that this film showed more of the reality – that initially he was not supported by Parliament or the King, and that the story of WWII that we know, very nearly didn’t happen! Though the political element of the plot was more important to the overall storyline, I have to say that I enjoyed the interactions between Churchill and the King more!

What else have I got to say?

Well… Lily James (who I am super excited to see in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again later on in the year) was very relatable. In a film about really important people who I, and probably many others, have put on a pedestal, her part (whilst relatively small) was important because it bridged the gap between us watching the film and them. Kristen Scott Thomas was also amazing and she should have at least been nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ at the Academy Awards. I loved watching her relationship with Churchill – again her character helped make Churchill more relatable.

I can’t go any further without mentioning Gary Oldman who won the Academy Award for ‘Best Actor’. He was really great, and he looked very like Churchill thanks to the award winning prosthetics and makeup done by: David Malinowski, Ivana Primorac, Lucy Sibbick and Kazuhiro Tsuji. Oldman definitely deserved to win in my opinion because he managed to show both the strength of Churchill and his vulnerability. 


What did you think? Leave a comment below and let me know!
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Photo: https://walsall.lightcinemas.co.uk/darkest-hour


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