Did ‘Joy’ bring me joy?

I recently found this gem of a film starring Jennifer Lawrence as Joy Mangano, a part that got her nominated for an Academy Award.

Why did I like it?
Well, let’s see, this film has an all star cast including the aforementioned J-Law as well as Robert De Niro as Joy’s father, Isabella Rossellini a wealthy widow with not much faith in Joy, and Bradley Cooper as the man who put Joy in front of the cameras and launched her invention, her self-wringing mop. The storyline is as good as the cast, although I have to admit a touch of sadness at the family situation Joy was in, and the bittersweet relationship with her good friend, trusted advisor, and ex-husband. The soundtrack, the truthful look at a woman who is pushed to the edge, or has to have faith in herself when not even her family does, and has to fight back when everything is breaking apart. Joy is a woman who is not afraid to be counted, and the same goes for this film.

The purpose of a good film
I think a good film you watch, a great film you get more for your money. What I mean is, a great film will inspire, make you think, make you act on you dreams, or show you the world from a whole new perspective. This film inspired me. Joy, the film and the woman, reminded me that people who succeed are the people who work hard, and the people who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

My favourite quotes
Joy: [after Peggy attended her meeting without consent] Never speak, on my behalf, about my business, again.

Neil Walker (Bradley Cooper): I guess you could say we’re friends in the commerce.
Joy: Friends in commerce. Yeah.
Neil Walker: So, let’s promise each other, that if one day, and that day may come, that we become adversaries in commerce, that we remain friends. That’s a true friendship, indeed.
Joy: Friends in commerce. I agree, let’s shake on it.

…And finally my favourite quote:
Mimi: [narrating] She’d put up with just about anything… until when she had to bring the hammer down – she brought the hammer down.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Did you love it or hate it?

Have a wonderful week

Photos courtesy of 20th Century Fox


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