Does my stuff look big in this?

Newcastle Quayside
Leaving the beautiful North behind!

So I’ve left Newcastle and gone back down to the South for Easter, and a big bag came with me!

Thanks to my lovely grandparents I no longer have to use the bag I used at Christmas which didn’t have wheels, and which I overpacked and struggled to carry. My new bag, that they used up until recently, has lovely wheels and is nice and big – perfect to fill with clothes, and shoes, and everything else that I neeeeed to take with me, even though I’m only away for a short while!

Does anyone else overpack, or is that just me? My stuff always seems so much bigger when it’s in a bag and I’m always a little self-conscious – I mean do I have to bring a

Newcastle Train Station

ll that stuff with me? As a result I always pack my bag twice. The first time I fill it so full I can barely close it. Then I empty it all and decide if I really need what I’ve packed. Usually the answer is yes, and I just repack all the same stuff but I try and get rid of a few bits. This time I left behind my knitting because it was bulky, although I have just watched a video where Krysten Ritter (from Jessica Jones) talks about her love of knitting and I’m regretting my choice a little bit!

I have a love/hate relationship with trains. I love having a chat to people, I have met some very lovely people on trains, I love the fact that you can meet someone and get a glimpse into their lives and then never see them again! I hate though the faff of changing trains, and I really dislike the quality of some trains, I mean on my local trains it actually rains inside the train!

Anyway, now I’m back and I’m so excited for Easter tomorrow – very much looking forward to having some yummy chocolate and just relaxing! No more travelling for me for a little while!

Safe travels to everyone travelling over Easter – I hope your journeys are nice and easy and without any hiccups!





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