Easy A

This week my recommendation is the film ‘Easy A’ starring Emma Stone. It is funny, clever and enjoyable.

You may already know Emma Stone as Spiderman’s girlfriend, you may know Lisa Kudrow from ‘Friends’ and Stanley Tucci from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, well all of these people and more are in this brilliantly funny film. The story focusses on a girl who uses the grape-vine of gossip to increase her social standing, but this comes at a cost. From wallflower to the most talked about girl in school. For anyone who was the good, average person and dreamed of being ‘popular’ this film shows exactly what you get if that wish is to come true – and it isn’t all that good. However, ‘Easy A’ is funny, with a brilliant cast and fantastic premise – definitely worth a watch.

In an effort to help out a victimised friend, Olive allows a rumour to be spread. After helping one person more and more people come up to her. In return for a gift card (some better than others) she allows them to say various things. Olive however, gets more and more embroiled in the web of lies.

Much like the protagonist in the Scarlett Letter who has to have the letter A for adulterer around her neck, Olive sews the letter onto her new clothes. Gradually things spiral out of control, a guidance officer uses Olive to avoid being fired, the school Christian group builds up a case against her and things get worse and worse for her – even though none of it is true.

I have to say I love Emma Stone – she is a super actress and the film is really very funny, I have put a clip at the bottom of a song that gets stuck in her head. After watching it a couple of times – I’m sure it will be in your head too.

I hate it when reviews go into too much detail, when they basically explain the whole story so that is all I am going to say about ‘Easy A’. Have a watch. Enjoy!

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