Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

With lots of reading to do for my course it’s been tricky to find time to do any other reading but I loved ‘Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine’ and I am so glad I’ve read it!

Apparently there is an increase in books about compassion and kindness known as ‘up lit’ and this is one of those books. The story by Gail Honeyman is about a woman called Eleanor Oliphant who has had a difficult past but wants to change he future. She tries to change herself and learn to live properly. She makes friends with Raymond (perhaps a bit reluctantly)and it it this friendship that really makes the book for me.

The book is funny, it is moving and it is a joy to read. It is split into two sections ‘Good Days’ and ‘Bad Days’ – I fell in love with Eleanor Oliphant a little bit, I rooted for her and I wanted to succeed. She’s a character who has clearly struggle so much and continues to struggle. She struggles with ‘Mummy’ who rings her every Wednesday evening – a woman shrouded in mystery who has committed a heinous crime, and she struggles with alcohol and she struggles with the people around her. I may be making this book seem really depressing but it is not the case at all, it is an uplifting book.

So I’ve said how much I love it, but what actually happens to Eleanor Oliphant in the book? Well she goes to a concert and meets the love of her life (well she doesn’t exactly meet him) and she decides to make some changes in her life, sometimes with the help of Raymond, to become the kind of person she can see this man, this love of her life, falling for. Without wishing to give anything away – things don’t exactly go to plan!

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book so quirky and joyful and with so much heart (I know I’m verging into book reviewing cliches but I can’t help it)!

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