I enjoyed ‘Falling’ but I did feel a little cheated.So the blurb of the book made out that it was going to be (hold your breath for true chick-lit plotline) basically the story of a woman (Emma Montague) leaving New York and moving to a small town by the coast in America where she (can you guess) meets a man (her landlord) and fall in love. That’s what this book was sold to me as. It sounded light and breezy, perfect to counter the heavy reading (of what I like to call ‘worthy books’) I’m doing for my course.

What happened then? Now if you don’t want spoilers skip this paragraph and move on to the next one because I’m about to reveal a biggie!! It was all going well. Emma and Dominic were in love, they fell in love within the first hundred pages or so which I thought was quite quick considering they had only really just met each other and everything was going well. This got my alarm bells ringing – I was reading this happy cheery story and the plot line on the back had already been fulfilled, she had moved, settled in, and was in love, but I was still holding a meaty chunk of book in my right hand. Then it happened. Very swiftly Jane Green, in a snowy setting as they were all having fun, killed off Dominic. Shock. Gasp. Cry. Anger. This was not what I had been sold. I was not wanting a cry when I bought the book, I wanted an easy read, a nice gentle summer holiday type book. It then became a book more focused on Emma as a stepmother and the love and bond between parent and child. It was good and the ending was satisfactory, my big issue though was that it was not what I had thought I was going to be reading.

I later found out that the three quotes on the front cover including Sophie Kinsella’s ‘Warm, witty, and sharp’ and Marian Keyes ‘A truly gripping read’ was actually printed on all of Jane Green’s books printed by Berkley Books – sneaky eh!

Can you spot the same reviews as on ‘Falling’?


So overall would I recommend it? Well it wasn’t badly written, in fact I did like a lot of it but it wasn’t a book that I would rush to read again. Sometimes I am just in the mood for a bit of ‘easy reading’, some nice, warm, chick-lit type read and if you’re in the mood for that kind of book then maybe take a look. I would have to say though that I struggled a bit with the third person narrator and I was upset by the surprise in the last third of the book. What did you think? Did you enjoy it, would you recommend it?

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