Flapjack in Four

Yesterday morning I was free from jobs to do, a thing that was unheard of

a few weeks ago, and with guests coming in the afternoon I thought that flapjacks would be the perfect thing.

There are a million and one recipes for flapjack but I took this recipe from Lucy Young’s book: ‘Secrets of AGA cakes’ which has a foreword from the brilliant Mary Berry (I am a big fan of Bake Off so her seal of approval on the recipe was a definite plus)! I looked up the pair of them and found out that they had been collaborating for 25 years.

She calls this recipe Percy Road Flapjacks and it is on page 66 of her fab recipe book. All the recipes are able to be cooked in an AGA or a conventional oven, so whoever you are and whatever you have, this book has you sorted.

Four easy steps, four simple ingredients – what could be better?

Preparation time 12-15 minutes (max)
Cooking time 35 minutes

1. Measure out all the ingredients: 100g demerara sugar, 100g golden syrup, 100g butter, 225g porridge oats (you can add 2 tsp of ground ginger as well if you like it a bit spicy).

2. Heat the sugar, syrup and butter over a low heat until melted

3. Add in the oats, stirring until they are completely covered

4. Put mixture into cake tin and press down before putting in the oven (we don’t actually have an AGA so I cooked it on: fan at 140 degrees) for 35 minutes.

I was amazed at how easy the recipe was, I did not add the ground ginger this time but I might next time if I fancy a change. There are lots of other things you can add, does anyone have any other ideas?

Good luck baking!

Find out more about Lucy Young on her website:  http://www.lucyyoung.co.uk/

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