Game for Game Fair

Last Friday I went to The Game Fair at Ragley Hall. After a few wrong turns we sailed into the car park (well more like slowly crawled in) past the tents and the glampers. We parked up, it was boiling hot, the crickets were chirping and I was ready to explore.


The first thing I spotted at The Game Fair was the Pimm’s van – how could I not stop?



We wandered past some events – we saw terriers in a running race and various Pony Club events. The man commentating the terrier races was brilliant, the terriers though didn’t always understand the game and went a little off course!


I watched for a while, but it was incredibly hot – far hotter than I’d imagined so (I certainly wouldn’t have chosen dark jeans!)! So, I popped into some stands to get some shade.



Finally, after getting lost, we spotted this guy, who must have been boiling in the costume (which I am fairly sure is a pheasant?!)!



It was an interesting day, it was not something I had experienced before, but it was fun (and very very very hot!). With the blue skies and summer sun, you would never have expected that it would pour down with rain for the following two days! How glad I am that I went on the Friday.

Have a wonderful week,


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