Gina Rodriguez: I can and I did

Gina Rodriguez stars as Jane Villaneuva in the television programme Jane the Virgin. Gina has won a multitude of awards, but what makes her particularly special is how inspirational she is.

One time she told the world how her Dad used to tell her to wake up every morning and think “I can and I will”, and you know what, she can and she did.

“Success means different things to everyone…Believe in yourself and the power of hard work, but remember that life isn’t a race”. It’s so easy to lose faith, to get stuck and believe that it will never work, and if you don’t put the work in, then success is ten times further away. It may take a long time, but if you keep working, and working, and improving and believing, then anything is possible.

“Work hard, be so good they can’t ignore you”. There are always opportunities to make excuses, to say ‘No one like me does this, therefore no one like me ever will” but as Gina says, don’t let that stop you. Work so hard that they literally cannot ignore you. Work so that you’re better than the rest, so that the people in charge can’t do anything but give you a try. Force their hand, make them bet on you.

“Get an education. The one thing that nobody can take away from you”. There are millions of people each year who don’t make the most of their education, who forget what a privilege is. They forget that with an education you get a stronger voice: “I’m here, I’m present, I’m a contributer to society, I deserve to be part of the conversation. I have an opinion, listen to me roar”.

She’s a fabulous actress, a wonderful woman and a someone who has helped me remember that dreams are not that far away, if only you work hard and speak up.

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