How I Got Dream Curls

This week I decided to leave my hair curly. About once every year I think I should not straighten my hair and leave it, but it never looks quite how I’d like it, and the next day I wash it again, straighten it and don’t look back. This week, however, I decided to properly give it a go and have a full week of curls!


I started with my natural curls – and they were NOT looking too good so a day later….. extremely tempted to straighten my hair, I tried a new technique ‘plopping’  – which sounds a little insane but seriously if you have curls look it up on youtube! I also used Deva Curl product.


Isabelle with natural hair
My natural hair – I took about a million pictures before I found one I liked enough to put on here!


However, after bank holiday was over I couldn’t help it and my straighteners were out and my hair was back to normal. I like having straight hair – can’t deny it! It’s smooth and simple and when I wake up I know what it will look like (always a bonus). The downside is my curls keep trying to escape and so I have to re-straighten it all the time – which is definitely not the best thing to do!!


As a result of all that extra straightening (and the fact that I’m a student and hadn’t had it cut in a while), my hair desperately needed a cut. I headed to Black Sheep hairdressers, after a busy day at work, to get the chop (and by chop I mean effectively the same but all neat and tidy)!



Day 1 Of My New Cut And Curls


Day 1 of my new cut and curls
Day 1 of my new cut and curls (my makeup has started to rub off, and I’m a looking a little tired but the curls are en pointe)!


Look at these curls!! I had to take a sneaky picture on the way home. The brilliant Chloe Beck at Black Sheep used a Cloud Nine Wand (which I think I will definitely have to invest in)!

After blow drying it straight-ish (as straight as my crazy hair will go) she curled it layer by layer – at one point I looked like a character out of an old-timey Regency movie – NOT the look I was going for!

But after she ran her fingers through it and straightened the very top and – well I think it looked fab!


Day 2 – The Curls Continue


Isabelle Curly Hair
Day 2 of my curls
Day 3 of curls
Curly through and through


I put my hair up in a pineapple whilst I slept and day 2 they looked just as good as day 1 – phew as I had to go back to work! I usually feel quite anxious with my hair curly (partly because I’m not used to them, and partly because I always feel a bit messy).


Have you ever wondered how curls look so dreamy and perfect in films and TV? It’s not real I tell you! It’s magic, and that’s magic’s name is ‘Cloud Nine Wand’ (by the way this post is not in any way sponsored, I’m sure there are other great wands, but this one worked wonders for me).

Related image
Sarah Jessica Parker with dreamy hair
Image result for robin himym
Cobie Smulders with equally dreamy hair


Day 3 – Cloud Nine Has Officially Won Me Over

Day 3 of my curls
Day 3 and my curls are still going strong

OK so being honest – I’m not sure I’ll be able to replicate this look on my own, at least not until I’ve spent a good few hours watching videos on how to successfully do it! But… it didn’t seem impossible – in fact, after a bit of practice, it seemed distinctly possible.


So after many hours of wondering how all these people got such dreamy perfect, neat, smooth curls, I now know how – and it’s a hundred per cent achievable. I’m won over – I think I’ll keep the curls!


Have a wonderful week,





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  1. Wow looks nice! Your natural curls looks super nice too though! Try using a diffuser upside down so that you get a bit more volume and less curls in the top and then using some product on the bottom! Looks less “messy”.

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