How To Brighten Up A Room


Everyone at one time or another has been faced with a drab room. When I moved into my University halls of residence I was super excited filled with ideas from Pinterest boards labelled ‘Interior Design’, then I opened the door and was faced with a weird browny-red carpet, pinky-red curtains and basically I wanted to just turn around and leave.

So… here are a few ways to really easily brighten up a room:

1. Flowers
Having some flowers around can really improve the look of a room, in fact research has consistently connected flowers to wellbeing. Research has also shown cognitive performance is better for flowers (so flowers are definitely good for anywhere you do work). Flowers put me in such a good mood, I especially love orchids as, though they can be a little expensive, they last a really long time – and they are beautiful.

I love having art around me but being a student I cannot afford, much as I would like to, fancy paintings or expensive framed pictures, therefore the artwork in my room is basi

Photo by Chance Anderson on Unsplash

cally just postcards. I have postcards of Audrey Hepburn (who I adore), some arty postcards of old magicians and cinema poster postcards, as well as postcards from friends and family that have travelled. Whilst my postcard ‘collection’ won’t be winning any art awards any time soon, they definitely cheer my room up.


3. Never forget the power of soft furnishings

Now I’m limited with space, and limited by the variety of uses my one room has – it’s my living room/bedroom/dining room etc. I can’t really have a rug, I don’t have room for a chair (other than the wheely one at my desk), but I have tried to make the best use of my space, and to make an otherwise very drab room more homely. A couple of my favourite items in my bedroom that fall into this category include the small wooden panda my friend bought me as a birthday present, and a cushion knitted for me by my aunt as a going-to-university present.

What interior design tricks do you recommend to brighten up a room? Do you have a lamp that you love, are you crazy about daffodils in the spring or do you have a go-to place to get things for a room to make you smile?

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