Howick Hall

The snow has gone…but not the snowdrops!


I went to visit the lovely Howick Hall – originally home of Earl Grey – so obviously at the cafe I had to have some Earl Grey tea – how could I not?! In the cafe I also had a very nice brownie which I would definitely recommend if you’re going (but the lemon drizzle looked yummy too – so lots of options)!

I had such a lovely time there, it was nice to get out and have a walk, and to see so many beautiful snowdrops! I don’t think I have ever seen so many, it was like the snow was still on the ground! There were lots of walks you could do, some longer than others. We walked a medium distance around the church grounds, around the bridge and back up to the house’s gardens (which is right by the cafe by the way – so the perfect place to end your walk)!

Other than the snowdrops, and the cafe which I promise I will stop mentioning now, I would recommend the bog garden (not something you see every day). Howick Hall is also famous for its Arboretum which is split into East and West and contains many unusual plants from across the world. We walked through part of the East Arboretum as part of the snowdrop walk.

Howick Hall is on the North East coast, in Alnwick which is around fifty minutes drive from Newcastle – if you’re nearby then definitely take a look. If you have already been, what did you think?

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