I Feel Pretty Review

What a film ‘I Feel Pretty’ is! This comedy actually made me full on laugh out loud – it was a joy to watch and I really think it deserves better than it’s got.

What I mean by that – by it deserving better, is that it didn’t receive the greatest reviews, and it didn’t get the best box office turn out. In my books it aimed to do three things:

1. Make you laugh (it’s a comedy after all)
2. Make you realise that you are beautiful – it’s all about self-love you know! Believe in yourself!
3. Tell a love story

In my opinion, it did all three.

When Renee (played by Amy Schumer) hits her head she sees herself as this amazing supermodel and she gets all this confidence. She gets a job as a receptionist – because that’s what she’d always wanted to do, and she gets a guy. Don’t get me wrong, I see how people might (in this iffy topic that is self-esteem and beauty) think ‘I Feel Pretty’ is not always ‘on message’, as it were, but it’s supposed to be funny (which it definitely is), and also I think whilst we may not wish the world to be one in which a dream is to be beautiful, but a lot of people look in the mirror and wish to change a few things – that’s reality. It shouldn’t be like that, but it is!

So with her new found confidence, things start happening for her – be confident, that’s clearly the key!! The things that happen aren’t all good though, and her life becomes built around how she thinks she looks externally. Without wishing to spoil too much (eek maybe just don’t read the rest of the paragraph!) she forgets a bit of who she was before the accident – the real Renee, that her friends love.

Would I recommend ‘I Feel Pretty’? Yes.
Would I watch it again? Yes.

I think those are really the only two important questions! I would love to know what you think though – did you enjoy it? Also, what do you think I should watch next – are there any films coming to cinemas soon that you’re really looking forward to seeing?!

Hope you have a wonderful week,


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