Jason Bourne

I will try very hard here not to include any spoilers.

What I really liked was the amount of action in the film, and the fact that it built upon the previous films. What I did not like so much was the lack of words, in fact I think someone out there worked out that Matt Damon only had 288 words. This did affect how far the film moved along and what could actually occur.

I would recommend the film though, and I would because it lives up to the expectations of an action film: it is packed with chases, secrecy, plots, shooting, running and escaping (or not)! I also really liked the character Aaron Kalloor played by Riz Ahmed, as the founder of a software company. Kalloor’s struggle between what is easy and what is morally right makes for an interesting sub-plot.

The only other negative was how little it seems that the main character has actually moved forwards and learned about his past and his father. This film does, however, reveal a bit more about his father’s death and about Bourne’s entry into business of becoming a CIA assassin.

For me the greatest loss was ****SPOILER**** the loss of Julia Stiles as a character. I thought she was really good, and I also really like the actress and so to lose her was a great shame, especially as they cannot bring her back. I thought that she was such a good character because she enabled Bourne to move forwards in his quest for information, she was an intelligent woman and also because she was clearly on the good side (something which cannot be said for most of the characters in the Bourne series).

Alicia Vikander was a welcome addition to the cast, I enjoyed watching her as she remained on the edge of the knife-point between team pro-Bourne and team against-Bourne. For the beginning third it appeared she was against, only to switch for the middle third and then, it appears (for it may not be as it seems) that she was back on the team of against after she had got what she wanted (the removal of her boss). I am sure that her character will be developed and it will become clear in the future which side she is on.

Hope this was helpful, let me know if you want to know anything else or if you want to share your opinions.

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