Katherine Heigl: Life As We Know It

This month I’m going to be reviewing some of my favourite Katherine Heigl movies. I have seen quite a few although none of her more recent thrillers! First up…Life As We Know It!

I just re-watched this movie a few days ago and I was reminded of why I love it! It’s such a good romcom. The plot follows Heigl and Josh Duhamel as Holly and Messer who become guardians of their best friend’s baby girl after they die in a car crash (I know that sounds very serious and sad but I promise it is actually a very light, fun film)!

As with most romantic comedies the couple start off intensely disliking each other in this case it was as a result of a blind date that didn’t go very well! However, they have to set aside their differences when they become Sophie’s guardians. Things don’t go to plan – I mean it would be a pretty bad movie if everything went smoothly. There is also a bit of a love triangle…but I won’t go into too much detail!

What else…well Melissa McCarthy is in it – always a good sign! She has such a good, yet small role as one of their neighbours. She has some great lines.

Watch watch watch and enjoy!!!

Have a wonderful week,

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