La La Love

La La Land has probably been last year’s most successful film. So many of my friends went to see it (some of them went to see it multiple times) and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

It’s hard to think where to start, so I’m just going to begin. The fact that the actors have won so many awards is a testament to their performances as Mia, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian, a jazz musician. The story, is a wonderful, journey towards success, and achieving dreams with a bittersweet romance to add to the mix.

The old fashioned musical backdrop with colourful costumes and big musical numbers starting from the very first scene is something rarely seen in Hollywood and this makes it even more special. Ryan Gosling learned piano, and both of the actors learned tap dancing but what has people divided is their singing. Some people argue that their normal voices add to the storyline of two ordinary people aiming for the stars, others such as David Cox (The Guardian) claim that their ‘reedy’ voices just adds to the many problems of the story.

I personally loved it, I was amazed and drawn in by the beauty of it all, and the truth of the difficulties of trying to get into a notoriously difficult business.

The BEST BIT: The best bit for me was the moment where Mia leaves her boring boyfriend in the middle of dinner and runs to watch a classic film with Sebastian, leading to an amazing surreal scene in the Planetarium. It truly encapsulates the magical beginning of a relationship.

The WORST BIT: The worst bit was the ending. [Spoiler Alert]

When Mia gets her big break instead of a temporary separation, she and Sebastian end up over for good, if this isn’t bad enough she gets to see I choose to believe that they ended up together (even though that’s not entirely how it went down). The good thing about the ending though, is the music and the presentation. I loved the way the two actors ran around the artwork as they relive their life the way it could (or as I would argue should) have been.
(when she accidentally goes into his jazz club and hears their theme) their life as it could have been. To deal with this I choose to believe that Chazelle  is giving the audience two options of how their life could be and

Have you seen La La Land, what did you think? Did you enjoy the ending, the singing and the colourful costumes or like Cox did you think it was an overrated tale of two people who sacrifice true love for self interest1 .

Have a wonderful week!

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