Long Nights and Crazy Mornings

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My very busy/messy desk full of work

I’m still recovering from my last late night out in Newcastle. We went out supposedly just to go to a wine and cheese event hosted by the French society. It was good fun, especially after a bit of wine and cheese, although I did feel a little out of place as I don’t speak French. At one point I was in a conversation with a couple of Finnish people, and a couple of FDrinks, Night,rench people, all of whom where speaking English with thick accents and getting totally confused – I just nodded along to a lot of it!

The night didn’t end there… we went ‘out-out’ and didn’t get back home until the very early hours of the morning. I arrived back cold (because of the walk home in Newcastle, in March – smart move) and tired, with ringing in my ears.

So, it’s safe to say that I wasn’t on top form the following morning. I thought I’d have a lie-in, but the fire alarm went off and I jumped out of bed and threw on my jeans because I wasn’t going to leave the building in my pyjamas! Then I made my big mistake – I decided for once to leave my room without my key, and without any make-up on, figuring that it would be fine to just go and get some toast. My electronic door lock faulted, and I got locked out of my room, so I just had to stand out in the hallway eating my toast. I was still in my slippers, so I had to borrow one of my flatmates shoes and run down to reception. Obviously that day had to be day where they were showing people around my accommodation so as I ran down the stairs I bumped into about thirty eager sixth-form students.

Eventually I got let back into my room and I will never be leaving that place without my key every again! The late nights I have had this week reminds me though that I need to get into a better sleep routine (which I know sounds a little crazy) but I need to turn off the screens and get to bed earlier – as I have a friend staying this weekend though I think my new routine will probably not start until next week!

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