Michael Schur is a Comedy Genius

I just realised that Michael Schur is the creator/writer of so many of my favourite comedy programmes (The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Good Place) and therefore he is clearly a genius.

The programmes he creates have such amazing ensemble casts, and the writing is clever and sharp, and the characters are so varied and funny. The plot lines are intriguing, and really develop the characters both as individuals and in their relationships.

A bit about Michael Schur the comedy genius: he was born in Michigan, graduated from Harvard (where he was president of the Harvard Lampoon) and began his career in comedy on Saturday Night Live (which may be why sometimes his shows veer slightly into slapstick). Generally though, I would describe his comedy as genuine, with real moments, and a knack for getting the best out of an ensemble cast – particularly playing with relationships.

My List of Favourites

Favourite individual character: I love Leslie’s passion, Jim’s humour, Michael’s inability to do anything right, and the straight-talking walking-mess that is Eleanor Shellstrop
Favourite couple: This is sooo difficult, I can’t decide between Leslie and Ben, or Jim and Pam
Funniest character: Dwight Schrute – I mean he has got some killer comedy lines
Favourite line: The Office: “I am running away from my responsibilities, and it feels good.” – Michael
Parks and Recreation: “I love you and I like you” – Leslie and Ben (also every one of Leslie’s compliments to Ann)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “If I had a mic right now, I’d drop it” – Gina
The Good Place: “I wasn’t a failed DJ. I was pre-successful”
Number of episodes: 
201 – The Office
125 – Parks and Recreation
101 (so far) – Brooklyn Nine-Nine
26 – The Good Place
= 447
6.20833333 days worth of TV 

Michael Schur is my inspiration, and an absolute genius, have a wonderful week and have a look at some of his shows, 


In the meantime take a look at some of the best moments in TV shows Schur has been involved with:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine



The Good Place


Parks and Recreation 





The Office


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