Murder Most Foul

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Firstly can I say that when I booked the tickets to see ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ I was disappointed to see Wikipedia had named this as an ‘American mystery film’. I would be prepared to compromise with Anglo-American but I think a film based on a British book, with a British director and some great British actors cannot simply be called American because the screenplay was written by one. Now if anyone knows how to change a Wikipedia page (I tried once and it was a bit of a disaster), then greatly appreciated.

Now, the actual film I thought was great and I am going to try really hard not to say any spoilers so I’ll try and avoid too much plot and talk mainly about the film and actors (not necessarily an easy feat)!

Image result for murder on the orient expressSo how can a film with Judi Dench not just be the best film ever! I have to say I am a bit of a Judi fan! I’ve seen her in some of her golden sitcoms such as ‘As Time Goes By’ and ‘A Fine Romance’ and I have to say even writing those titles is making me sing the theme tunes (bit of an old sitcom kind of gal) and she is amazing in everything. So, imagine her in a cast with Derek Jacobi, Kenneth Branagh… or perhaps I should have led with Johnny Depp (not such a Willy Wonka character in this though) and the endlessly funny (although again not so much in this – role didn’t quite permit that) Josh Gad (or Olaf from Frozen). Plus of course Daisy Ridley, whose name did not at all make it confusing when they kept referring to the poor child character Daisy in the film. How could I forget, I’ve actually had to come back to this paragraph, but there is also Olivia Colman, Penelope Cruz… and Michelle Pfeiffer, and… many many other brilliant people!!

Image result for murder on the orient expressHowever, you could read the cast list on Wikipedia (although as we’ve already ascertained Wikipedia is not always the best source) so what else can I tell you without giving anything away?! Well, the scenery is incredible, it almost makes you want to go and find the Orient Express to get on it, and yet there are moments (including but not exclusive to the murder) where you really think it would be best to give train journeys a miss!

There’s also the matter of Branagh’s moustache. I am not sure where that came from, it is a masterpiece of hair engineering not previously before seen on any man, anywhere. It was unique, and I think that was the point. From the moment Branagh appeared on screen he was a new incarnation of Poirot, making a discerning effort to be separate from the marvellous David Suchet who appeared for so long on our screens.

I really enjoyed it, and I went to see it at the brilliant Art Deco Tyneside Cinema!! I would totally recommend going to watch ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, if possible in a beautiful cinema (beautiful films are best seen in beautiful places)!

Have a wonderful week,

P.S. I’m usually pretty good at guessing these ‘whodunnit’ things, but didn’t manage to with ‘Murder on the Orient Express’! Let me know if you’ve been to see it, and if you guessed!


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