My Muesli Monday

I love triple chocolate muffins, marshmallows and biscuits (particularly digestives) but I decided this Monday to be a bit healthier.

Other than exercise, a balanced diet is supposed to make you a super healthy person. I don’t bother to pay attention to the calories per biscuits or watch every cake that I eat but I think it is important to keep everything in moderation.
Today was not my typical day instead of cheerios or my favourite ‘Weetabix’ (do you ever microwave it, or is that just me?)  – I began my day with a nice bowl of superfruit muesli to go with my innocent smoothie – my favourite being mangoes and passionfruit.
For elevenses instead of a Paddington bear iced bun I was very prepared (rather unusual really) I had already made a delicious pot of muesli with fresh mouth-watering strawberries and natural Greek yoghurt with a dash of golden syrup to keep it sweet. With a mix of the spoon I was enjoying a creamy, healthy bowl of food which honestly made me feel, fit and ready for anything.
Finally, after a lunch of chicken sandwiches with salad I decided that I should make some muesli cereal bars by Delia Smith with dried chopped apricots and a spattering of white and milk chocolate – sweet, honeying and delightful.
Overall, I have to say I felt better after making an active effort to be healthier, today, using muesli I avoided a lot of my less filling less healthy alternatives. I have also seen photos of muesli muffins which I feel will be next week’s project.
I love to bake and try new things, what do you use muesli for? What is your favourite healthy meal? 
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