Neptune: My Shop Crush

This week I went to a shop opening: Neptune. I have to say it is my new shop crush. I love the designs and the colours – the pale greys and splashes of vibrancy such as the burnt orange sofas or pink cushions. This dining room is absolutely classic, I think I’m in love!

They have basically set the shop up like a house, an absolutely beautiful house. The room to the right, is perfect for coats, for shoes, for those picnic blankets that remind you of those halcyon days.

If you do a lot of entertaining why not refresh your dining room. The cosy farmhouse look is a current trend and Neptune has got it sorted. Combining a wood dining table set with painted counters and some fresh cut flowers keeps your dining room modern,

I had a look through the Neptune directory and designed book – I have to say I felt inspired.

This is by far my favourite picture (the picture to the right) I like the smart living room in the foreground and the hydrangeas behind, I like the clean white walls which can go with anything – from orange to lilac, from peach to pink.  Whatever the fashion or trend you can make it easier for yourself by keeping the walls and carpet neutral.

As you can tell, grey is very fashionable, very soothing to help you get a good nights sleep.

Finally, an example of velvet burnt orange sofas with stunning tiled flooring and some of Neptune’s best lamps in the background.

Have a wonderful week,
The Clumsy Wordshaker



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