Norfolk This Summer

When I was on my holidays I spent a lovely week in Norfolk, staying in a house in Brancaster (right by the beach – exactly where you want to be on a summer holiday)!

Of course – classic British summer – we had a few cloudy days and spots of rain, not every day could be a beach day, but that meant we could take a look at some beautiful houses and gardens. My favourite of the week was Oxburgh Hall (their collection of Royal letters is pretty amazing), and they have a moat (all the best houses have moats)!

Oxburgh Hall
The beautiful Oxburgh Hall

The rest of the week was glorious weather (shorts weather, paddling deep in the sea weather – can you believe it?!) and being so close to Brancaster beach, it was the place to go! I do like Wells-Next-The-Sea as well, we didn’t go there this time but if you’re heading to Norfolk Wells is lovely (they have a Joules shop by the cafe there as well, as you do)!

The best ice-cream

I always go for chocolate ice cream (well almost always, every so often, I go mint choc chip or a whippy with a flake)-  but overall chocolate is my favourite, you can’t beat it! What’s your go-to flavour? Anyway, so whilst I was in Norfolk, with all the lovely hot weather, I had to try out the local ice-cream places (I’m providing a useful service here people, not everyone could do it)! And….the best ice cream place I found was……. in Wells-Next-The-Sea at The Quay. There are loads of great ice cream places at the quay – in fact there are 3 right next to each other. I recommend John’s Rock Shop (apparently they do good rock there too).

The best town

Ooh this is a hard one. Probably Burnham Market, possibly Wells, maybe maybe Brancaster. It’s too hard – I can’t choose.

Burnham Market

The best bookshop

If the last question was the hardest, then this one is easily the easiest. No bookshop in the world will EVER beat the one in Burnham Market where I met the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. I, in a complete state of shock, uttered a ‘hello’ to her and smiled at George, and she said hello too – best day of my life (and I’m guessing you’re either A) thinking wow that would be an amazing day or B) thinking wow she needs to get out more). By the way the bookshop (which sadly this time I did not see the royal Cambridge family in) was The White House Book Shop (check it out). On a bookish note, they also have a great selection of books.

The best beach-time activity

This is different for everyone, for me, I love lying on the beach reading a good book and then going for a paddle – as simple and wonderful as that. Other people like kites. Kites work too.


Have a wonderful week, whether you’re on the beach, eating ice-cream, building sandcastles or somewhere completely different,



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