So let’s begin with the story itself!
The main story is set eight years after her rejection of Wentworth’s proposal (at Lady Russell’s request I might add) and their subsequent relationship (or lack thereof). It is such a sweet book and it is impossible not to get engrossed in the language and the beauty of England during the Regency period. One of the things I always like about these books is that there’s always moments where you think ‘I think that too’ and you realise that for all the huge changes since the 1800s there are still many similarities, particularly when it comes to the people and their thoughts.

It’s Christmas (well almost) and I chose this book to review specially as it is one of my very good friend’s favourite books and now I think, one of my own!


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I have to say that for an English Literature student, I am lacking in Austen (having only read two or three of her novels)! However, this was recommended to me, and it was on my reading list anyway so I thought I would give it a whirl! I really loved it, it is the perfect escapism when you’ve got stresses or if you just want a relax, so basically a really great book read around the Christmas time, I would one hundred percent recommend it!

After a few chapters (or even a few pages) you can see why the book is called ‘Persuasion’ as Anne Elliott is constantly persuaded into doing things. She goes with the flow, she does what people ask and she’s genuinely just a nice person trying to do her best. I always wanted to be Elizabeth Bennett but I think if I’m honest with myself I’m probably more of an Anne Elliott.

Did I watch the film? Yes I did, but I waited until after reading the book to do so. I watched the Sally Hawkins version from 2007. I enjoyed that as well, I did find some of Anne’s hesitations a little irritating but it didn’t really detract from the overall thing. I have to say (and I’m sure there’s lots of people who would disagree), that I think the film added to the book, rather than taking anything away.

So that’s all for this week! Have a wonderful week,

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Isn’t he lovely?!

Photos: (1: Title Card for 1971 ITV TV Series) (2:Goodreads) (3: Still from 2007 film ‘Persuasion’ produced by Clerkenwell Films and WGBH Boston released on ITV)

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