It’s been a long since I did anything artistic, so this week, armed with rollers, stamps a Gelli plate and of course there’s no printing without paints (I used acrylics!)!

I have to admit, I am not the most patient person, and so waiting literally for paint to dry before moving on to the next stage proved somewhat tricky – but after a cup of coffee, and a lunch break in between I ended with a great final product. I am so pleased with the results (made some cards for my lovely friends and family) and generally just had a lovely afternoon.



Preparation for Printing
Don’t you just love these stamps?

Making and Creating

After getting out EVERY stamp to see all of my options (which later led to crippling indecision) I started by rolling out the paints and basically just giving it a go – trying things out and messing around with colours and paints, with sequin waste and bubble wrap.

The Final Product

Many attempts later, a couple of videos watched and a lot of things tried out I ended up with four A4 prints for me to cut up or just use later, and six cards (which are shown at the top of the post) – I hope you like them!

So I might never be Monet (or some artist that actually did printing), but it was a lotta lotta fun – and what’s better than an afternoon drinking coffee, playing with paints, and enjoying yourself?

Large print
My favourite large print – can you spot the bubble wrap?



Cards and Larger Prints
The final product – some large prints and cards


This bubble wrap was a byproduct of the art, I used it to make textures in the prints. I just loved the colours in it – bright and mixed and wonderful so I thought I would share a picture of it!


Have a wonderful week,


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