Relax with…Cuckoo

I think everybody is in need of a good relax at the moment, I know that I certainly am! It’s been a bit of a tough week for me this week, so I’m going to take a break this evening and watch Cuckoo.

I really like Cuckoo, I watched it when it first came out and now it’s on Netflix so I have started rewatching it, I am loving it!

My favourite thing about the show has got to be Ken, played by the brilliant Greg Davies. He is such a great character – he is the voice of reason in the mad world surrounding at first Cuckoo (Andy Samberg) and later Dale (Taylor Lautner). The best thing about Ken is his reactions, he is put in some pretty crazy situations and he always responds in the best way (usually a mixture of disgust, confusion and being astounded that no one else sees the situation the way he sees it). Whilst I love normal Ken my favourite episodes are those where Ken lets loose himself – I won’t say anymore, he’s very funny (I think the picture below says it all).

The show has had to deal with some cast changes – you may notice that in series 2 the actress playing Rachel changes, Samberg leaves and Taylor Lautner arrives as Dale. Whilst for many shows that would be the end, but Lorna, Ken, Dylan and Steve (who has some brilliant lines – I mean what a weird, brilliant, seriously weird person) keep the show going and very quickly it finds its rhythm again.

What else to say? Well, it’s such a funny British comedy, in fact it’s BBC Three’s most watched comedy series! The characters are funny individually and they are funny together, and at the heart of it they are a fa
mily, doing family things (well and a few non-family things like kidnapping – as you do). I love the romance in series 2 and 3 as well but I won’t say too much about that…. (no spoilers)!

I am really looking forward to series 4. The show was renewed for two more series but that was well over a year ago and still no new episodes! Let’s keep our fingers crossed series 4 comes soon!

Enjoy the show, and I hope you all have a wonderful week!


No. of episodes: 20 (3 series)
My favourite episode: Ken on E (S1 E3) or Tribunal (S2 E3), or The Holiday (S3 E7)
Favourite character: Ken – the voice of reason in all the madness (or sometimes the voice of madness)
Ending: The series has been renewed for 2 more series
Available: Netflix (picture 1 & 3) (screenshot from video, picture 2)

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