Relax With…Grace and Frankie

Well I have to start this post about Grace and Frankie with a confession, I binge watched the entire four seasons, but boy was it worth it!

The dramedy genre is increasingly popular, and for good reason! Shows such as Grace and Frankie are really comforting to watch, there are real ups and downs and drama but done in a lighter, funnier way. I would definitely recommend taking a look!

My second confession of the post is that I really didn’t think I would like Grace and Frankie, in fact I was almost certain I wouldn’t. However, I was pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed the contrast of Grace and Frankie and the very real journey into friendship. If I had to say one thing that defined this show it would be the small moments, the one-line joke or the touch of kindness, the little gestures and expressions.

The other thing I really liked about this show was, whilst it centres around the title characters (understandably), the subplots in each episode focus on their families, including their ex-husbands (who incidentally fell in love and are together). I love Coyote’s craziness and Sol’s, well craziness, but my favourite ‘secondary’ character would have to be Brianna. Brianna is feisty and sassy, and her one-liners are hilarious.

I am very much looking forward to season 5, although tragically season 5 won’t be premiering until 2019!! For all those of you who have never seen it though, ten months (or longer) gives you time to catch up!

Enjoy the show, and I hope you all have a wonderful week, and a friend that is the Frankie to your Grace, or the Grace to your Frankie.




No. of episodes: 52 (4 seasons)
My favourite episode: Season 1: Episode 5, The Fall
Season 2: Either Episode 4, The Test or Episode 13, The Coup
Season 3: Episode 1, The Art Show
Season 4: Episode 11, The Tub
Favourite character: Aside from Grace or Frankie, it has to be Brianna!
Ending: The series is ongoing, and the season 4 finale left things unresolved
Available: On Netflix

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