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OK, so relax might be not quite be the right word for a show about crime. BUT, this post marks the start of a new post series I’m doing where every week I talk about a programme to sit down and enjoy, and since this has just come out and I really enjoyed it I thought it would be a good show to start with! I have read all the Cormoran Strike books so I did know what was going to happen, but the director and the actors were so good I loved it anyway.

The Cast

Holliday Grainger and Tom Burke are perfect in Strike, they match the image I had in my head for the characters and they balance each other out perfectly. For such a flawed character, it is incredible that Rowling could make Cormoran Strike likeable, but he is; Robin, on the other hand, is instantly liked – she is kind and honest, and tough – she won’t let anyone tell her what to do, and I appreciate that quality in her. In the latest episodes Grainger had to deal with a more emotional storyline and she dealt with it brilliantly, I just wanted to reach into my computer screen and hug her.

The Style

The other thing I love about the programme is the style, which is epitomised by the opening credits sequence – very rugged, very artistic, rough and stylised. The shots are cinematic, and they draw your eye to things that would otherwise go unnoticed or ignored.

As an adaptation it is done really well, it sticks close to the story and I think part of that is because as JK Rowling is such a well known writer, if the books were changed too much there would be outrage.  I have reviewed the first two books as well which you can take a look at: Cuckoo’s Calling, and Silkworm.


The Future

The future of the show is uncertain, especially as the actors, after such a great show as this, are likely to be picked up for other projects, and it may be difficult with their schedules, and with the next episodes reliant on new books – which take a long time to write, but I am hopeful we will at least get one more series (although maybe not until 2019 or 2020)!

Have a wonderful week,

Number of episodes: 7 (so far)
Favourite episode: Cuckoo’s Calling episode 1 – made sigh with relief after I watched it and saw how well they’d adapted the books
Favourite character: Robin – she’s amazing (but seriously I don’t get why she’s with Matthew)
Ending: This series has not ultimately finished, but as JK Rowling is yet to release any more Cormoran Strike books it’s finished for now. The latest episode concluded the adaptation of Career of Evil (the 3rd book).

Photos: BBC

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