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The Office

So I’m British, and I’m going to make a very controversial statement (probably not that controversial) – I really like the American version of Ricky Gervais’ The Office. I don’t normally like American versions – I mean why oh why can they not just watch our programmes? We watch theirs, and our shows are brilliant (I must stop myself now or else this post will just become me lamenting on American’s remaking our stuff)!

The Ups and Downs, the Highs and Lows

I really love this show. The first few episodes it struggles to find it’s feet a little bit, Steve Carell’s Michael (the boss) is a bit slapstick, a bit weird, but by the second season everything has settled and the writers have really got into the swing of things. I really got involved in the character’s lives – their ups, their downs, and each character from Kevin, to Angela, to Michael to Pam got their moments. The jokes and pranks are hilarious, even the second or third time you watch the episodes, but what really makes this show special is how the people of Dunder Mifflin (the paper company they all work for) become a little bit like family.

You can’t beat a bit of romance, humour, and quality writing

Now I don’t want to spoil anything but this show has some of the best romantic moments of any show – it makes me think that anyone however strange, or unusual can find love. Whilst Jim and Pam might be the couple of the show, Michael’s constant search for love is such a rollercoaster! (See the episode Dinner Party for a particularly crazy point in his search for a lady).

The Office is quite unusual because it is a mockumentary and they film it as if there really is a camera crew in the office. This is interesting, but it can be a bit of an adjustment as sometimes shots are obstructed by things (as the characters are trying to have a private moment and the cameras are trying  to capture it).

The other thing I have to mention is the brilliant Mindy Kaling! She wrote some of the best episodes – like Niagara (which she got nominated for an Emmy for), and she plays the very funny Kelly (who may be actually insane).  Kelly’s romance with B.J. Novak’s character Ryan Howard (who is the worst by the way) is hilarious (seriously look up Kelly Kapoor on Pinterest…enjoy)!


I’d love to know what your favourite episodes are! Let me know! If you’d like to read more about one of my favourite comedy writers who wrote on this show, Parks and Recreation, and many other then take a look at my post: Michael Schur is a Comedy Genius!

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No. of episodes: 201 episodes (9 seasons)
My favourite episode: I mean there are 9 brilliant seasons – there is no way I could choose! 
Favourite character: I love Jim, but for comedy purposes my favourite has to be Dwight
Ending: I have seen the final episode about 3 times and I cry every time (but it is happy)
Available: for Brits it’s available on DVD

I have heard there is supposed to be a reboot. I hope they don’t because they ended it in such a good place – what else can they achieve? 


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