Relax with…Together

This week I have been relaxing with ‘Together’ the BBC 3 comedy series about a young couple starting a relationship.

It is such a sweet programme. Tom, played by Jonny Sweet (who also is the writer and creator of the programme) is awkward, and nervous, and living with his parents. I love his parents, his Dad, Ashley,  played by Alex Macqueen is somewhat of a hoarder, and probably on the spectrum; his Mum, Lesley, played by Vicki Pepperdine is constantly annoyed by him. Ellen on the other hand is trendy (in an unusual, London kind of way), and awkward in her own way. On the outside she seems more ‘together’ than Tom, but after a couple of episodes you see she’s got her own problems. I think what I like most about the characters is that they are likeable, although I doubt you could ever meet people quite like Tom’s parents.

As a comedy it is quaint and British and what I particularly like about the programme is that the character’s are so real – they’re not all cool ‘dude’ type people, they don’t take drugs, every episode is not political or crazy, it’s not mean or brutal, and the drama is just low-key sitcom drama – they’re just normal people doing normal things and there are not enough programmes like that on TV.

What else can I say? Well, the writing is clever, Jonny Sweet does a really good job especially in episode 3, in episode 5 I really love how he explores intimacy and genuine friendship – I think too often this is forgotten in TV shows.

I would definitely recommend taking a look,
Have a wonderful week,


No. of episodes: 6
My favourite episode: Eek this is hard, either 3 – Cupid, or 6 – Homing
Favourite character: This is such a hard one, but probably Tom
Ending: The series has ended. It ends: happily
Available: On BBC Iplayer

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