Seaton Delaval

When I was up in Newcastle I visited the newly renovated Seaton Delaval. The National Trust home was damaged in a fire causing extensive damage that has led the house to lay in ruins until recently when they started work on the main house.
Apart from one wing which is where the family lived in until recently, the house is bare but beautiful.
The main hall has six statues to illustrate the six Greek muses.
We were able to visit the basement, the floor was unstable but with the help of the torch on my phone we were able to properly see the wine and beer cellar as well as various areas where the servants worked. The top floor is out of bounds due to the stairs not yet being restored but the stairs that have, have been carefully made in the exact same style as the originals.

The house, in Northumberland, was owned by the Delaval family. The ‘seaton’ part of the name literally means sea-town which refers to the house’s close proximity to the North Sea. Tucked away in the gardens is a small church and graveyard which was built in Norman times and is still standing!

The family have a connection to horses and horse races and the now live near Newmarket and have even had a Derby winner. The fields near the house had a number of beautiful horses which kept the picture of an idyllic house, even though the inside was falling down and the statues still showed their injuries which they sustained in the great fire of 1822.

The outside of the house is absolutely stunning and well worth a peek. The National Trust have done a good job of clearing away areas and the gardens are simply beautiful, you can almost imagine living there when it was in its prime.

Me on

On the sides of the walls you can see fireplaces from floors that no longer exist and holes in the walls where wooden beams used to be. As you walk between rooms you go over the balcony and you can look over the hall where once people would have arrived to a great feast as your servants worked below.

(picture to the left me on the balcony)

The Horse’s stables made from stone with the names written above on wood my favourite name was Zephyrus (God of the West Wind)


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