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I thought I would write this post after watching ‘Me Before You’ on Netflix, I became intrigued at the writer behind the book. What I found out was that Jojo Moyes is not only a brilliant British writer, but also a role model in perseverance.

I think a lot of people start writing and imagine themselves to be the next JK Rowling but usually it doesn’t pan out that way. Jojo Moyes’ debut novel came after three other manuscripts had been rejected, and it wasn’t until her eighth novel Me Before You that she achieved massive success. I think the lesson of Moyes’ story is, keep going, because if you’re a writer then you have to keep writing.

Me Before You was super successful, but why? Well, for a start Moyes’ style of writing is charming – the characters are strong and quirky, and in only a few pages I was already in love, but what makes Me Before You particularly different, is the fact that not only is it a story that will make you cry (probably, well, almost definitely) but also the humour in it, and it’s strong emotional core.

I also fell in love with the film (which incidentally Jojo Moyes wrote the screenplay for) – Emilia Clarke did a brilliant job of being the unusual, funny, quirky-shoe wearing Louisa.

The latest Jojo Moyes book is ‘Still Me’ which came out this year and is the third instalment featuring Lou Clark, which I’m really looking forward to reading! It seems Lou’s story has come to an end so what’s next for Moyes? Well, maybe another set of short stories like ‘Paris for One’ or perhaps we can look forward to another witty romantic classic like Me Before You. I honestly don’t know, but I know it will be good!

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