The Dressmaker

‘The Dressmaker’, starring Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth had the promise of being a brilliant film. The wonderful costumes, the edge of mystery and romance all could have made a simply wonderful movie.

Set in the outback of Australia, Myrtle (or Tilly as she is now known) comes back from the magical world of couture fashion to the small village which rejected her as a young child. Mystery envelops both the characters and the village stemming from the death of a young boy many years ago. Tilly brings confidence through the medium of clothes to the townspeople but she cannot avoid the pain and the status of ‘murderer’.

Crazy Molly and the variety of miss-matched characters add a humorous element. The fact that the village itself is so small means that no-one can escape and everyone knows each others business. Despite the village being approximately the size of a single road, there is a huge range of characters.

The direction of ‘The Dressmaker’, the arid landscape and the gentle music soundtrack are to be applauded and yet this film is not for me. Just as the outfits get more beautiful and delicately crafted things begin to go downhill going from one tragic event to the next.

‘The Dressmaker’ had some beautiful outfits, but the sudden descent into tragedy was just too depressing for me. Have you seen it, what did you think?

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