The Northgate

Wow! The Northgate was amazing – such a special treat to top off a great week in Suffolk!

After a small crisis over what to wear (and by small I mean full-on emptying cupboards and examining everything in my suitcase and saying ‘why did you not bring fancy heels Isabelle?!’ exasperatedly) I found a dress at the back of my wardrobe (phew!) put on some eyeshadow (sparkly – what else?) and off we walked to The Northgate in Bury St Edmunds.

We were greeted at the door by Harry (who was truly lovely and very kindly answered all my food questions)! We were lead through to the garden. I (despite the fact that it was nippy and had been raining all day) took off my cardigan (I’m hardy now I live in the North) and we ordered some drinks.

Drinks at The Northgate
Suffolk 75

Now…. we began with a ‘Suffolk 75’ which was Bettys Gin (you cannot beat a bit’o gin – well I can’t), lemon, sugar, elderflower, quince, prosecco and a slice of pear on top.

The Northgate exterior
The beautiful Northgate
What do you think this girl is thinking?
Artwork at The Northgate


Then, with the chill setting in we went in to order our food (and I was already thinking about dessert…).

Can you spot the succulents? This year’s must-have!

First some homemade bread, with homemade butter, followed by some on-the-house canapes (which I had to write down so I wouldn’t forget): Shipcord tartlets with turnip and lemon. 


Then, a short while later the food arrived along with a glass of white wine (and I was feeling very classy – which later developed into feeling quite tipsy and I was later informed that the Suffolk 75 was actually super strong)!

My first impression was…. boy this meal is small, and we discussed ordering extra chips even. Thank goodness we didn’t!! Do not be fooled, the portions may look small but they are actually super filling! I could barely finish my lamb (which was heaven on a plate)! The lamb was moist and cooked to perfection and went beautifully with the cream mash. The crunchy shallot was an interesting change of texture and delicious.

Lamb meal
Salt marsh lamb with roast cauliflower, crisp shallots and herb cream
Beef meal
8oz Heritage breed sirloin with duck fat potato cake, watercress, thyme cararmelised onions and chestnut mushroom sauce


Which meal would you go for? Or would you go all out and try the taste of Suffolk menu?!


Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for: the pudding. I am a big fan of pudding, no not a big fan – a super-fan.

Raspberry pudding
English raspberry mousse with Jelly, cucumber (yes cucumber), and milk ice cream

What can I say about this pudding? Inside the wafer was a touch of lemon which was surprising and yummy. The mousse itself was full of flavour and combined with the jelly was raspberry-licious (I already regret using that word, but it was!) the cucumber I admit I was uncertain about, but it worked very well and the milk ice cream balanced it all out.

Dark chocolate mousse with cocoa wafer, and sea salt ice cream

OK…so it wasn’t quite finally…a little bit tipsy we retired (which makes me sound like an old gentleman) to the bar area and had a coffee and giggled at the cigar stand (I admit I was possibly just over what can be qualified as ‘a little tipsy’).

I would definitely recommend going to The Northgate (there’s a hotel there too which I haven’t been to but The Telegraph recommends). A brilliant meal – truly excellent – a massive applause for the chef, a wonderful atmosphere, and great service.

Have a wonderful week,



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