The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

This book was odd. At first I didn’t like it. I thought it was strange and peculiar and weird. But then as I read on I started to understand. I started to see the world through the eyes of this teenage boy about to grow up and by the end I was glad I had read it.

This book, written by Stephen Chbosky follows Charlie through his freshman year of high school in Pittsburgh suburb. The thing that makes this interesting is the way Charlie thinks – he is unconventional and as you discover, Charlie is also unpopular and shy.

What you don’t know is Charlie’s past, it is like you are joining the story right in the middle and no one has bothered to explain what is happening. As he meets friends and learns about the social dos and don’ts you see inside his mind as though for a brief while you were camping there.

Some parts of his history come back in the form of a flashback, just like if someone was thinking about their past and slowly things are revealed just like with his new friends Sam and Patrick. As he gets to know them, as the reader gets to know them, things are made clearer.
With this novel it is all about continuing through the confusion. It will become clearer you just have to wait. Simply immerse yourself in this teenager’s life and in his stream of unconsciousness. Discover the benefits or perks if you will, of being one of the unseen, one of the people that always gets forgotten, one of those wallflowers.

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