The Princess Bride

‘The Princess Bride’ was recommended to me by a friend as a ‘cult classic’. This commonly used phrase always frightens me – is it a hidden gem, or a strange venture into the author’s mind?

I must admit I struggled a bit with this book, but I cannot deny that it was one-of-a-kind. The actual story, a parody of the traditional fairytale with adventure, tricks and romance was interspersed with sections of the writer ‘talking’ to the reader about his amendments. What is particularly strange (or special whichever way you want to look at it), is that Goldman (the author) writes this book as though he is amending a larger text (the original, written supposedly by S.Morgenstern). Goldman also writes about his own life, although this is fictional too.

My favourite character in ‘The Princess Bride’ has to be Westley, who had the most interesting part, filled with journeys, pirates, and adventure. Buttercup, I found, was a bit too fickle, for my taste and I couldn’t quite get to grips with the character. What did you think about these two? Prince Humperdinck was the epitome of evil-villain complete with a zoo full of dangerous animals for him to hunt for his own pleasure (he reminds me of Gaston the Disney villain). Other characters had their own little backstories which were explored, of the two supporting characters Inigo Montoya with his urgent need for revenge: “You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

Goldman’s humour is quite particular and is not to everyone’s taste. It didn’t have me laughing out loud, but it did make me smile in places. There were some good one liners (I have to say that Inigo Montoya has some of the best, but Westley had some pretty good lines too).

I heard there was a film as well, I’d love to know if anyone has watched it and what they thought of it.

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