The Time of My Life

I was in the mood for some summer reading. I spoke to one of my really good friends about what to read. My criteria was 1. happy ending, and preferably some romance. I’ve been caught out in the past with a surprise upset and I didn’t want to be caught out again! I got my friend’s seal of approval and having read some of Cecelia Ahern’s other books I felt safe to take the plunge and have read.

Now for what I thought about it.

It was awful, horrible, the worst book I’ve ever read. As I read it the wind howled around me and the windows flung open making the pages stick together and in the end I just couldn’t be bothered anymore… Okay I lied (and you need to read the book so you get the reference!) Cecelia Ahern used this ploy a number of times, and each time I fell for it until it got into the realms of fantasy (running towards each other in a floaty dress through wavy grass  – think the opening of Bridget Jones Two). It was funny and entertaining, it was light and breezy. It was the perfect book for a summer holiday (or for a any day really).

The premise was super interesting, the main character Lucy Silchester has a meeting with her life who turns out to be a dishevelled clammy-hands man – eek! Slowly her Life (or Cosmos Brown – shout out to all the fans of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’) helps her get her life back on track.

So was there a romantic element? Oooh yes there was and it was good! Although hung up on her ex Blake (major selfish self-promoter alert) she meets Don through a wrong number. Sometimes wrong numbers can turn out to be right, although in my experience it is usually someone thinking that my house is a farm and trying to get me to take an order for horse food and straw.

I would a hundred percent recommend reading this book! I’ve also read ‘How to Fall in Love’ which is also amazing. Basically Cecelia Ahern is a genius and very very funny! I also would like to read ‘Lyrebird’ and some of her other books so if anyone can recommend some to me I’d really love it!

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