Welcome to The Wordshaker

After spending three years being ‘The Clumsy Wordshaker’ I decided it was time for a change. So welcome to The Wordshaker!

Not so clumsy anymore

My old blog design didn’t feel like me anymore. So, after a lot of thinking, gathering ideas and inspiration, looking at other bloggers I admired, and with some kind and helpful support from various lovely individuals I came up with a new plan. The Wordshaker, will have the same content, lots of lovely book and film reviews, but also a bit more of me (how exciting)!

One of the big changes was deciding to drop the ‘clumsy’ from my name – did you notice? Three years ago, when I started this blog, I had suddenly grown, I had no spatial awareness , I was ridiculously clumsy (I mean I’m surprised I’m still alive!)! So I became the ‘Clumsy Wordshaker’.

I still feel very fondly towards the name but I decided that a new website, with a new style needed a new name. It’s not too different  (I know that!) – and that’s partly because I didn’t want to lose the lovely followers I had who had been with me since the beginning. I still aspire to being a wordshaker – so that part of my name stayed.



The big thing, that you may have noticed, is the style is quite different. Different name, different vibes. My new, whizzy little swish website, with widgets and gadgets and integrated bits and bobs should be easier to navigate, and better for those of you looking on mobiles, and tablets.

The new design feels a lot more like me now, in fact it is more me – more about what I’m doing, what I think, what I love!

A final note

A few things may have changed around here and I am so excited about this new direction – can you tell? But I wanted to say before I finish the post how much I appreciate and thank all of those people who have stayed with me all these years – I hope you like the new site!


Now then, let’s get going, let’s do this!


Have a wonderful week,




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