When We First Met

When We First Met

I’ve seen ‘When We First Met’ twice now and I really like it – so thought I’d pop my thoughts down in a little review for you!

I am a big fan of romantic comedies, and so when Netflix released the trailer for this film I was very excited. What I like best about this ‘When We First Met’ is how it portrays fate – two people who are supposed to meet will always meet, two people who are supposed to be together will always find their way to each other.

Adam DeVine is the star of the film as Noah Ashby, and Noah is absolutely in love with Avery…who has a fiancé (the very handsome Ethan played by Robbie Amell who you make recognise from ‘The Duff’). The whole film revolves around Noah going back in time to the night he first met Avery trying a variety of different things in order to get Avery to fall in love with him. The core of this film is the comedy and the various personas DeVine does are all in their own way very funny (my particular favourite is his ‘douche’ persona).

What else to say? Well, Alexandra Daddario (who I knew from the Percy Jackson films) was the perfect straight-talker to DeVine’s jokester, and as for Carrie (played by Shelley Hennig) I liked the fact that with every version we learned more about her (plus I love the fact that when she feels endangered in her house her go-to weapon is a plant).

The ending I loved, it was well done, and fit very well with the film. I’m glad that (…and considering it is a romcom I don’t think I’m spoiling anything) it ended happily and resolved. I hate it when romantic films end simply suggesting that the two get together!

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P.S. Noah dressed up as Garth from ‘Wayne’s World’ at the first Halloween’s party and it was brought to my attention (by my friend J), that this classic Mike Myers 90s comedy, people may have not come across before. If that’s the case then take a look – I promise you’ll never be able to say ‘Wayne’s World’ in the same way again.



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