Why Choose Karlie?

Karlie Kloss has just been announced as the new Topshop model – I took a look at why the team behind this choice decided on going for this American 23 year old.

Karlie is beautiful – definitely something that Topshop would want from the face of 2016, but what else does she have? There are millions of pretty people around so why her? Well, Karlie has been modelling since 2007 so she has a lot of experience and with her classical ballet training she is definitely graceful. She has also been noticed for her rather extraordinary walk which she labelled as a “moody gait”. 

But what else? Karlie has launched a  gluten free cookie brand called ‘Karlie’s Kookies’ in 2012. The money from this has helped to feed underprivileged children as well as providing support to young American fashion designers. 

Diane von Fürstenberg Spring-Summer 2014 13.jpg

This is all very good but what made Karlie specifically quite so appealing to Topshop other than her experience and her kindness? As we all know, blogging and vlogging has taken off hugely and some of the most influential people in our world right now are those who follow these professions. So it seems only logical that Topshop would pick a model from the world of Youtube – Karlie has a channel called ‘Klossy’ which has racked up 347,943 subscribers. Karlie has also set up ‘Kode with Karlie’ which is a scholarship that helps fund 21 other girls from 11 states to take full-time courses in software engineering across America. 

If all of that is not enough, her light brown hair meets the bill for the latest ‘brand’ fashion trend and her interest in sports matches the huge increase in consumers buying sports wear. 

So that’s why they chose Karlie, 

Have a wonderful week, 

Photo courtesy of: kristenarnett.com, wikipedia (Kloss 2013 for Diane von Fürstenberg)

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