Word of The Week 25/09/15

This week my word of the week is:


From instructions to watch politics videos to piano practise and revision advice. I got instructions on how to do note taking by writing a ‘skeleton’ note where you only write three points per paragraph plus a sub heading, as well as instructions on what to write notes about for one of my subjects. In choir I got instructed to sing a certain part (alto – so sadly hardly ever the tune although much better for my vocal range) and so by the end of the day I had a million instructions and yet no order.
At the moment it is like someone has given me a huge list of things and no order to do it in. Sometimes the instructions don’t even make sense – one time this week I got given an instruction to watch a politics video and after quite a while searching desperately for the video that matched the title I eventually found a sheet. So I made copious notes and was really very pleased with myself when I checked my emails and was told that the video had been taken down and so instead we must take notes on a completely different video. OK so perhaps I should have checked my emails before I did all the work, but they should have checked the video before they set it for us.

So I have to say for me this week it has been very busy and according to other people it will simply get busier! But at least so far only one instruction has been faulty.

As a break in between my work I went for an Autumn walk and you can have a look at some of the beautiful colours that I saw on my week in pictures.

Hope you all had a wonderful week,
The Clumsy Wordshaker

The Reading Residence

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  1. That is a lot of instructions! And so frustrating to have done all of that work only for them to go and change the assignment. I'd be mad! I hope the order becomes more clear next week and that busy doesn't get too busy x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. What?! Are they allowed to do that?! Well, clearly they are but it sounds very unfair and very frustrating. I only hope next week has a little more balance and calm injected into it, for your sake!

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